American Food Overseas: 7 Variations Of Your Favorite Foods!

American cuisine is known to borrow from other cultures. Such classic dishes like hamburgers and hot dogs are adaptations of European steaks and sausages! But when these dishes leave their native country, they can form an entirely new dish. This creates fascinating variations of a single food, each more delicious than the last! These 11 dishes are so delicious that it’s hard to tell which is the original and which is the adaptation!

Barbecued Chicken


Barbecued chicken is engrained into the 4th of July as thoroughly as fireworks. It’s more than fire or smoke, marinade and seasoning, leg or wing: it’s become something to celebrate all on its own. But in Jamaica, they’ve perfected a style of barbecue that’s worth boasting in your back yard!

Jamaican Jerk Chicken


The culinary term “jerk” refers not only to the spices used to flavor the meat, but also to a cooking technique that includes dry-rubbing (or wet-marinating) the meat in hot spices and smoking it until it’s dark brown and full of flavor. In Jamaica, experts in the art of jerking often build smokers made out of an oil barrel on hinges to allow for plenty of smoke to flavor the meat, while others use a fire pit to achieve maximum flavor. Try it for yourself and bring these wonderful flavors to your next BBQ!

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