The Powerful, Growing Segment of Peacekeeping Missions

Women are increasingly joining United Nations peacekeeping missions, offering access to struggling populations that is often more challenging for male peacekeepers. Female peacekeepers provide inspiration to women and girls in male-dominated societies, empowering them to fight for their own rights and secure their place in society. They provide a safe space to survivors of sexual abuse, and are seen as more approachable to women in the community. Women peacekeepers are also able to interview women in societies where speaking to men is a crime, giving them a voice. Without female peacekeepers, half of the population of troubled areas would remain underrepresented.

Today, women make up 29% of international citizens working in peacekeeping missions, and there are 3 all-female peacekeeping units around the world. The first of these units was deployed to Liberia in 2007, and has successfully completed their mission. Watch the video below to see how important it is to recruit more women into official peacekeeping roles.

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