Their Wedding Helped Feed Their Community, Now They Are Getting a HUGE Surprise!

Weddings are often marked by extravagance and fancy presents, but newlyweds Jacob and Joy Weiss decided to go a different route.

In lieu of gifts, Jacob and Joy requested that wedding guests donate money to a fund set up to address hunger issues in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Alleviating hunger is a cause near and dear to the hearts of the couple, as Joy’s parents grew up in poverty and she knows how easy it is to fall into economic hard times.

A conversation with a local teacher further cemented their passion to help, when she told them that many of her students only get meals from school and go hungry when class is not in session. The Weisses were able to raise an incredible $10,000 because of their wedding, allowing them to feed those in need.

The generosity of Jacob and Joy caught the attention of television host Steve Harvey, and he had them on his show to inspire others. He had a BIG surprise for them, too, which you can see in the video below!

Take a look!

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