United Airlines Transforms Its Cargo Facilities Into Food Distribution Centers

Because of the coronavirus lockdown and the serious economic and work situations that have resulted from it, food banks are putting in the extra work that the local community requires. A United Airlines employee in the Houston area saw what was happening and began to transform cargo facilities into food distribution centers.

According to a report from ABC13, Mark Zessin is the United employee who saw that food bank demand was growing to an extremely high level and traveling has been on the decrease. A television ad was even run by the Houston Food Bank to ask for assistance, which is how Zessin saw his ability to get involved.

A Houston Food Bank spokesperson told ABC13 that they are now working at “150%.” After Zessin saw the advertisement and knew that the facilities had resources that could help the organization, he got busy. “They were quickly running out of room, and it was a challenge to find volunteers given the stay-at-home orders,” he told the outlet.

Photo: Pixabay/kikkuru

Hundreds of United Airline employees are now helping out by sorting, packaging, and distributing relief packages to families that need it. About 6000 packages are currently being made per day.

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United Airlines has suffered financially and the president and CEO of The Houston Food Bank, Brian Greene, is thankful for the support they are providing. Along with the efforts that Zessin is putting in the work, he’s also helping by writing thank you cards to healthcare workers. The Houston facility has seen quite a bit of success, so United is now thinking about their San Francisco location. They may be transforming that cargo facility into another food distribution center.

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