Tiny Houses Might Make You Reevaluate Your Life Choices

Bigger is better. Or is it?

In today’s world of increasing consumerism, many are driven to purchase the biggest house they can afford. Since 1970, the average American home has grown by around 50%, which means a bigger demand for space for fewer people and more “stuff.”

A big house for few people is not only expensive, it’s economically and environmentally inefficient.

A growing counter-culture is choosing to turn their backs on the typical lifestyle and embracing the “less is more” ethos. One of the biggest lifestyle changes has been the increasing prevalence of tiny homes.

A tiny home is exactly what it sounds like. The dwellings can be as small as 90 square feet and contains all of life’s essentials in a small space. Imagine having your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living quarters all close at hand and taking up minimal space.



The tiny house movement is appealing to people of all walks of life, from the efficiency-obsessed to the impoverished trying to survive on a limited income. Their reasons for downsizing are as diverse as the people themselves.

One of the groups most likely to benefit from an expanded acceptance of the tiny house movement is the homeless. Recently, homeless populations in cities across the country have organized in tent-cities to live together and develop their own solutions to problems within their communities. Cities like Portland, OR and independent movements like Occupy Madison have rolled out programs to transition tent cities into tiny homes, granting those in need more stable and attractive housing while maintaining the community benefits. Other villages like Village of Hope in Fresno, CA; River Haven in Ventura, CA; Quixote Village in Olympia, WA; and Opportunity Village in Eugene, OR prove that tiny houses aren’t a trend, they’re a lifestyle movement.

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