Los Angeles Opens Tiny House Village To Fight Homelessness

A tiny house village just made its debut in Los Angeles. However, it’s not a regular tiny house community, but a transitional housing community designed for those in need. The tiny houses can be used by those who are in need of temporary housing while they seek out long-term solutions and find work.

The tiny house village, called the Chandler Boulevard Bridge Home Village, is equipped with 39 tiny houses, shower and bathroom facilities, communal areas, Wi-Fi options, a pet play area, a laundry area, and even additional storage options.

Pallet Shelter supplied the tiny houses, which are painted in bright shades of white, orange, green, yellow, red, and blue. Though the whole community is enclosed behind a fence, it’s hard to miss the village due to the bright hues of the homes that peek above the fence line.

Photo: Facebook/Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission

Each house is 64-square-feet and made of aluminum. Each unit has two beds, heating, air conditioning, shelving space, windows, and a door that locks. Residents can then use the communal laundry and bathing areas for their other needs not met by the individual housing units.

Photo: Facebook/Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission
Photo: FAcebook/Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission

Thanks to the simplicity of their design, all of the 39 houses and additional facilities were put together in just 13 weeks!

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission run the tiny house village and shared a video tour of the space. Check it out in the video below:

That mission isn’t just providing the housing, though. They’re also offering services to help their residents get their feet on the ground and find longer-term solutions to homelessness. As they shared in a Facebook post, “Now the real work begins as we help each guest address the underlying issues that led to their homelessness.”

Photo: Facebook/Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission

The mission is to provide residents with access to mental health resources, job training, and help with long-term housing placement. Their hope is to get people off the streets and into longer-term more stable situations.

Residents are not allowed to bring any contraband into the village community and they must abide by a set curfew.

Photo: Facebook/Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission

Though this is the first village of its kind in Los Angeles, a second, larger community is scheduled to open in April of this year.

Photo: Facebook/Lehrer Architects

Tiny homes have been all the rage lately, and we’re glad to see them being used in such a positive way! What do you think of these tiny home communities?

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