Is This a Solution to Homelessness?

Two trends of modern society are coming together—the unfortunate rise in the number of homeless, and widespread interest in tiny homes. Cities in the Pacific Northwest are creating tiny home micro-communites, where homeless residents can transition to permanent housing. These developments feature common areas with a kitchen, bathroom, and gathering spot, with tiny homes to sleep in and store belongings. They are places to keep warm and safe while working on the next step.

Opportunity Village, located in Eugene, Oregon, is such a place. Founded in 2013, the transitional housing community consists of thirty charming tiny homes that measure approximately 8×8 feet each. The residents have weekly meetings, and pitch in thirty dollars each per month to pay for utilities and upkeep. The ability to have a space of one’s own, no matter how small, is life-changing for the residents. It offers them a stepping stone to permanent housing, as going directly from the streets to an apartment is very often too far a leap to take.

See inside the tiny house village, and hear the residents’ experiences in the video below! >>

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