The Time Is Now: New Buses Needed in Afghanistan

Right now, GreaterGood and the Literacy Site are partnering together to make a big difference in the lives of Afghan girls.

In 2010, the Safe Ride to School Program was created in response to a Taliban attack against the girls to ensure the students could travel safely to and from class at the Mirwais Mena School. A bus was purchased and a reliable driver hired.

Five years later, however, that bus is breaking down.


Dexter Filkins, a former New York Times reporter, wrote about the acid attack that inspired the creation of the Safe Ride to School program. He had this to say about the program:

Mirwais Mena is a far-flung village, and the bus allowed the girls to travel to school safely, and it gave their parents some peace. The bus is still going, but it’s old and in need of repairs. With your help, we will get another. Let’s keep the girls at the Mirwais Mena School in class, where they belong.

GreaterGood and the Literacy Site are committed to ensuring these girls stay in school and remain safe from further extremist attacks. There are two buses available for purchase, and with your help, we can buy them for Mirwais Mena School.

Learn more about the program and donate to the cause.

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