Kids Dance Group Helps Disadvantaged Children Meet Basic Needs & Get An Education

A dance group in Uganda made up of kids from Kampala’s slums uses their moves to help disadvantaged children and orphans’ meet their basic needs and receive an education.

The Ghetto Kids was founded by Kavuma Duada after he met three kids on the street who were unable to afford their school fees.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Kavuma ended up teaching the kids some dances, and they ended up using their new moves to raise money for their schooling. The situation hit home for Kavuma, who was an orphan himself at age seven after his father passed away.

At such a young age, Kavuma was forced to live on the streets and find a sponsor to pay for his schooling. Despite being dealt a difficult hand, Kavuma worked hard, graduated, and went on to become a teacher.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

“I decided and promised myself that ‘When I grow up, at least I’ll be able up to help one kid,'” Kavuma told Inside Edition.

The group has been an internet sensation since their first video in 2014. After nearly a decade, the group’s songs are still topping the African charts.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

What started out as five underprivileged kids has now grown into a dozen of them, dancing through the streets and helping other kids like them.

“I used to dance in the streets and people gave me some tips so I could buy something to eat with my parents,” 13-year-old Ghetto Kids member Kayondo Madiwanah King said. The group saw me when I was dancing in the streets and they told me if I could join them. Cause I wanted to dance, I joined them, I started dancing on the streets with them. My dad told me now you are in the Ghetto Kids, I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy.”

Learn more about the Ghetto Kids in the video below:

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