Teacher Gives Student The Shoes Off His Feet So He Can Walk At His Graduation

Thanks to one teacher’s generosity, one of his students was able to walk at his graduation day. The ceremony took place on the 19 of May at the Hahnville High School.

Para-educator, John Butler, was in attendance at the ceremony as a teacher, when he was approached by a student in distress.

According to a post shared by Butler, the young man, Deverius Peters, was not being let into his graduation ceremony because he didn’t meet the dress code requirements to enter.

Photo: flickr/Jeremy Wilburn

Even though he had earned his diploma, he couldn’t get in because he was wearing athletic shoes. Worried that he wasn’t going to make his milestone, Peters wasn’t sure about what to do. Fortunately, Butler was nearby and was able to lend a hand.

At first, Butler tried to reason with the school in order to overlook the one tiny little dress code infraction. When that wasn’t going to work, he had to think of something else.

As Butler explained to the Washington Post, “[I was] hoping that maybe if she saw me with him, she would let it go, but she insisted on not letting this young man in, and I didn’t have time to go back and forth with her. It was a no-brainer… This was the most important moment in his life up to that point, and I wasn’t going to let him miss it for anything.”

Photo: Pixabay

That is when Butler decided to say “screw it,” and he ended up taking off his own dress shoes and giving them to Peters to wear for graduation.

Butler ended up sharing the experience to his Facebook, saying that the dress code was something that he found to be quite shocking. He also shared that once it was clear the school wasn’t about to budge, there was no doubt that he wanted to help the student out – even if it meant lending him his own shoes that were too big for him.

Photo: Facebook/John Butler

Butler’s post ended up going viral – mainly because so many people were touched by his kindness and generosity. The post itself, which included a picture of the two men at graduation, ended up accumulating more than 28K reactions, 21K shares, and over 3.5K comments.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Peters stated, “I wasn’t surprised because Mr. Butler is that type of person. At school, if you’re having a bad day, he’ll be the one to take you out of class, walk around the school with you and talk to you.”

Photo: Facebook/John Butler

In a separate post, Butler also shared a picture of the shoes Alexander McQueen sneakers that had initially caused the problem for Peters.

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