How Can We Help the Homeless? This Video Shows the Power of People Who Care!

Wouldn’t it be better if we all took a moment to pay more attention to the world around us? Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own world and concerns that we miss small but significant opportunities to change our world for the better and help our neighbors.

This touching video shows a group of German students taking a few moments out of their time to help a homeless man in their community. Their message is simple but powerful.

Watch to see them make a difference!

There is some controversy regarding this video. After the video was published, it came to light that the homeless man featured in the video was actually an actor. Their rationale behind this was to get a quality video clip and not risk filming someone who might be in distress and be unwilling to have video of them spread around the internet. This film’s purpose is to show an example of a ‘best case scenario’ of the work these students are doing when the cameras are turned off.

While the man might not have actually been homeless, the message of the video still remains. The world would, in fact, be a much better place if we would each do our part to help our neighbors and friends.

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