Chicago Rapper Spends His 29th Birthday Giving Meals & Support To His Community

Most people receive gifts on their birthday but one rapper from Chicago spent his birthday giving gifts to other people in his community.

Grammy-award-winning musician and humanitarian Chance the Rapper celebrated the last year of his 20s by giving out 1,500 gifts of free meals to his community through his nonprofit organization, SocialWorks.

Anyone who was in need of food received a hot meal with some scoops of his Ben & Jerry’s flavor Mint Chocolate Chance at no cost to them.

SocialWorks’ mission is to empower the youth through the arts, education and civic engagement. Their programs focus on education, mental health, homelessness, and performing and literary arts.

They have five different initiatives including Warmest Winter, which raises awareness and provides relief for individuals experiencing homelessness and extreme hardship.

Since June 1, 2020, SocialWorks has served 141,066 meals to people in need, and have collected 156,378 warming items including coats, hats, blankets, perishable goods, hygiene products, and more.

Their Arts & Literature Fund has raised $5.1 million for 51 different schools and thousands of students.

For their OpenMike initiative, SocialWorks partners with the Chicago Public Library to provide a space for students to share, express, and network with like-minded individuals.

For Chance, giving back to his community is in his blood.

“I think it’s indirectly my faith,” Chance told Carson Daly. “I get a lot of my sense of understanding and kindness from my mom. And then my dad and his side of the family were all community organizers. My great grandmother marched with [Dr. Martin Luther] King and organized. My grandmother worked for Harold Washington when he ran for mayor of Chicago.”

Learn more by visiting their website and watching the video below:

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