MN Brothers Turn Annual Tradition Into Charitable Cause!

Doesn’t everyone love to build something out of snow? A snowman is always the go-to-solution, but there are other snow figures you can make as well.

Of course, there are snow forts to make and snow angels. However, most of those projects are usually the same height as the person building it. So it is cool to see something made on a much bigger scale!

Austin, Connor, and Trevor Bartz are brothers living in Minnesota who started making snow sculptures in their parent’s front yard a few years ago.

They’ve made a walrus, a shark, a sea turtle, and in 2016, they made an octopus.

With so many people driving by to take a look, they decided that this year they would set up a table and take donations.

In 2016, they were raising money for clean water in Haiti and hoped to raise $10,000 during the winter!

Way to go, boys!!

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