Company Builds Heated Sleep Pods For Homeless People And Installs Them All Over German City

Homelessness is a fact of life for far too many people. It can be difficult 365 days a year but when the weather is cold, things get much worse. That isn’t even to mention the ongoing pandemic.

Around the world, homelessness is a problem, and in Germany, some 860,000 people are living on the streets.

In the city of Ulm, homelessness is also a problem, but a company called Ulmer Nest is doing its best to help. Recently, solar-powered sleep pods were introduced to the area that allowed homeless individuals to keep warm.

Photo: Facebook / Ulmer Nest

January 8, 2020 was the day that the unusual pods first started showing up on the streets of Ulm. It was a pilot project and if they see success, other parts of Germany may begin to see them appearing.

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Each of the pods is made from steel and wood and up to two people can fit inside. They offer protection from the cold, wind, rain, and snow. Solar panels also provide heat.

Photo: Facebook / UImer Nest

When inside the pod, they can be locked securely and an alert to social workers is given via a sensor when the doors open. It allows the pods to be professionally cleaned when the current occupant leaves. A radio network also exists within the pods so they can get in touch with the team that is overseeing the project.

This is not a form of alternative housing but it is for accommodations when emergency situations come up and the homeless people have nowhere to go. The people who live in Ulm have been very welcoming to the pods and appreciate the help they provide.

Photo: Ulmer Nest

One of the members of the Ulmer Nest team, Florian, shared with Bored Panda that they have even seen neighbors providing hot tea in the morning to the guests. City officials are also supportive and have helped with the project.

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