Five Women Meet Monthly To Cook Meals For The Hungry

The “Shathi Sisters” have made a decision to get together once each month and cook for those in need in the city of Montreal.

The group is made up of five women and they call themselves “Shathi” which is a Bangladeshi word for “togetherness.”

The multifaith soup kitchen they run out of a church in Montreal is really based around the concept of togetherness and doing things as a team to serve the greater community.

Photo: YouTube/City News

The group has been at work cooking each month since December, and they make 100 meals for those in need each time they get together.

They were inspired to start the group after the COVID-19 pandemic threw many families into hardship.

Photo: YouTube/City News

In an interview with City News, one of the members of the group, Irene Mazumder, said, “We think it’s our duty to do this. Not just because there’s people in need. It’s our duty. If we’re able to help, then why not.”

Another member explained that their purpose in joining the group is to serve the community.

Photo: Max Pixel

They hope that their little soup kitchen will expand into other things that can benefit the community and people in need.

Watch the video below to learn more:

How inspiring! We can all do our part to serve our communities, just like these incredible women are doing.

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