Denver Public Schools To Served Meals Made From Scratch

When most of us think back to school lunch, we don’t necessarily look at it fondly. Of course, there are certain days that we may have looked forward to, such as pizza day, but most of it was not necessarily our favorite food.

The Denver public school system, however, may just be helping students in the area to look back on school lunch with a smile.

The school system is partnering with Brigaid with the simple goal of cooking school meals from scratch. This isn’t going to be a one-time offer, they want to ensure that all of their school meals are from scratch, which is part of the mission of Brigade.


According to the spokeswoman for Denver Public schools, Winna MacLaren, they are already well on their way to reaching the goal.

About half of their meals are already cooked from scratch and an additional 12 professional chefs are being hired to help the existing kitchen staff at over 166 schools to get on board over the next three years.


According to the Denver Channel, Dan Giusti, the founder of Brigade, is hiring chefs who want to work along with the public school system to make a difference in those lunches.

He said: “Most of them are coming from the restaurant industry and they just need to be passionate about the idea of feeding people who need it – in this case, students who really depend on these meals.”


When you consider the sheer size of what they are trying to do, it is mind-boggling. More than 40,000 breakfasts and 50,000 lunches are served by the public school system in Denver every day.

They are tasked with the job of making meals that are palatable but also follow the USDA nutritional guidelines.

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