These Powerful Images Show the Realities of Surviving Breast Cancer

The SCAR Project aims to show the painful realities of women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer. These powerful portraits capture the beauty and pain of survivors in a moving collection that is making its debut in Canada.

We love how these photos tactfully address how women’s bodies change as a result of fighting breast cancer. There’s tragedy in each image but also strength and resolve.

Take a look at these stunning portraits in the video, but first…

Beating breast cancer is a huge milestone, and many survivors like to share their mastectomy scars on social media, a choice that Facebook’s terms of service allows. In practice, however, many breast cancer survivors have experienced the shame and outrage of having posted a post-mastectomy photo only to have it flagged as inappropriate content and removed.

★ How Can I Help? ★

Facebook allows users to flag images for offensive content, and the website’s algorithm usually removes the image without considering context. This often means that images of mastectomy scars are removed from the site.

Facebook needs to stop its blanket approach to banning images. They need to have real people decide what images should and should not be banned. Breast cancer survivors should not have to fight to post what Facebook has already said is allowed on their website!

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