A Safe Ride To School Allows Girls To Get An Education Without Fearing For Their Lives

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One of GreaterGood’s Signature Programs is helping girls in Afghanistan get to school safely.

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The Safe Ride to School for Afghan Girls program was created in the wake of tragedy. In the Kandahar Province in 2008, teachers and students were attacked with acid on the way to school. Men on motorcycles who lead the assault specifically targeted girls wearing school uniforms. Using acid as a weapon is a common tactic used by the Taliban, which opposes education for girls.

These girls deserve safe access to education, and we wanted to help provide it.

Donors like you allowed GreaterGood.org to purchase school buses for these girls, so that they can get to school safely and without fear. For over a decade, the buses funded by this program have provided safe passage for the 100 girls who live the farthest away from Mirwais Mena School for Girls.

Photo: YouTube/GreaterGood

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The girls who were attacked back in 2008 are still facing challenges and physical limitations today, like lack of full eyesight. Families fear sending their children to school unless they have transportation and the inherent protection it offers.

One of the girls who was sprayed with acid has since become a teacher at the school. Her name is Shamsia Hussaini.

“If we had The Safe Ride to School Program, I would not have been attacked on a dirty street when I was coming to school,” Shamsia said. “This bus is useful. It protects girls from similar attacks. Insecurity is a big challenge for us. We are suffering from people who dislike girls’ education, and the Safe Ride program is one of the safest way to avoid such incidents in the future.”

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GreaterGood.org partners with GROW (Girls’ Right to Opportunity Worldwide) to make this happen, and they rely on donors and clicks to get the funds they need to keep these buses running and continue to transport these girls to school safely. Without this program, many of these girls would be forced to drop out of school.

When one student, Sadia, was attending 11th grade at the Mirwais Mena School, she spoke beautifully about the importance of education, saying, “Education is like a light; you can see the path you are going on in the dark. If you don’t have an education, you are blind, and you will not see things clearly. The bus project is extraordinary. It helps to take girls safely to school and get them back home safely.”

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Every child deserves a high-quality education, and ensuring equal access to education for girls can have a tremendous impact on global poverty levels.

Benefits of girls’ education include:

  • Economic Growth – she’ll earn up to 25% more per year in secondary
  • Improved Wages & Jobs – she’ll reinvest 90% of earnings in her family
  • Smaller, Healthier Families – she’ll marry later and have a smaller, healthier family
  • Saved Lives – she’ll be 3 times less likely to be HIV+
  • A Decrease in Malaria – if all mothers completed secondary, the number of children carrying the malaria parasite would decrease by 36%
  • A Decrease in Child Marriage – uneducated girls are up to 6 times more likely to marry as a child
  • Empowerment – every year of school makes a girl 10% less likely to believe domestic abuse is acceptable
  • Political Leadership – increased literacy translates into increased female voters and female political candidates
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With your assistance, we can help girls stay in school and avoid dangerous, life-threatening situations on a daily basis.

A mere $2 allows one girl a week of safe rides to school. You can help girls like Shamsia and Sadia get to school safely by donating or clicking today.

Your donation and clicks will keep these buses running by paying for bus drivers, fuel, and ongoing maintenance.

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