Russian Drone Strikes Humanitarian Vehicle And Driver Barely Escapes, But He Continues To Help Those In Need

The city of Chasiv Yar in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, is under attack by Russian forces and is being bombed daily. There was once a population of 12,250 people and countless animals. Many have abandoned their homes and those remaining need emergency aid.

United for Animals is on the ground offering supplies (provided thanks to your generous donations) to people and pets in need. The items are being delivered by their courageous coordinator named Eugene Tkachov. He navigates the war-torn streets to bring food and supplies to people and pets. During one of his recent deliveries, he was attacked by a Russian FPV drone.

Photo: United for Animals

The organization shared the details of the horrific attack with us. “Yesterday, during the distribution of aid, a Russian drone struck the volunteer’s vehicle, clearly marked with blue humanitarian mission signs on the hood and roof. The explosion shattered the trunk, destroyed part of the humanitarian supplies, and shattered the car’s windows. Eugene thankfully escaped with a slight concussion.”

This terrifying incident hasn’t derailed Eugene from helping those in need.

Photo: United for Animals

“He continues to organize evacuations, distribute food, and assist those affected by this ruthless war. His foresight and bravery have become a source of comfort for those who believe in a brighter, more peaceful future,” the nonprofit told us.

Photo: United for Animals

United for Animals has 23 coordinators in major cities in Ukraine and dozens of volunteers who work with the coordinators. Together they work to feed the thousands of stray animals and support shelter pets. The brave men and women are able to help animals in need thanks to your continued support.

You have helped send pet food, supplies, blankets, and even outdoor dog shelters to keep homeless pets warm in the winter – but they still need our help.

Photo: United for Animals

Join us in sending food to pets and people of Ukraine and give them hope that better days are ahead.

Eugene is just one of the brave heroes in Ukraine who are risking their lives to help people and pets. Learn about other heroes in different areas of the country who spend their days saving animals here.

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