This Revolutionary Approach to Food Equality Is Taking Over the World!

Hunger remains a major cause of death across the globe, killing more people per year than terrorism, AIDS, and malaria combined. In most places around the world, though, the issue is not a lack of food, it’s equal access to food. Eighty-two percent of those experiencing extreme hunger live in nations where there is actually a food surplus, not shortage. The challenge, then, is to find ways to distribute the extra food to those who desperately need it.

This is where the Robin Hood Army swoops in. Formed in 2014, the organization finds ways to get surplus food from restaurants to nearby citizens who are in need. Each chapter is run by local volunteers who have insightful knowledge of the areas and the population. The Robin Hood Army currently has chapters in 30 cities, and has transported food to over 500 thousand people per week.

Watch the inspiring video below to see how the Pakistan chapter distributes food from generous restauranteurs to those living in nearby slums.

Want to make a difference in food distribution to the poor? Sign this petition to give grocers and restaurants incentives to donate surplus food to those who need it most.

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