These Revamped Parking Meters Make Helping the Homeless a Work of Art!

Soon, feeding the meter will feed people as well! The recently launched “Detroit Donates” campaign brings boldly painted, repurposed parking meters to downtown streets, providing a way for locals to donate to programs benefiting Detroit’s homeless population. So far, 17 parking meters have been installed, each one able to hold around $200 in change. In addition, individuals or companies can sponsor a meter, starting at $1,500, or donate directly to the website. Similar programs have found success in a growing number of cities around the country, including Denver, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

The colorful meters are painted by popular Detroit graffiti artist Antonio “Shades” Agee. Homeless throughout his 20s, Agee knows what it’s like to not have a place of his own. That’s why he’s using his talent to give back to his city, and to help provide resources for those who need it most.

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