Three Ways A Bus is A Lifesaver

IMG_20150204_095508With your help, The Literacy Site and GreaterGood raised the funds to purchase a bus for the Zabuli Education Center in Deh’Subz, Afghanistan. A bus makes a big difference to the young ladies seeking an education there by providing:

  1. Safety: Afghanistan is a dangerous place if you’re a girl with a dream of education. Around the nation, the Taliban has attacked girls traveling to school by foot. The bus provides protection against the Taliban who would target them.
  2. Peace of Mind: Girls no longer have to worry about a trek to and from school fraught with danger, which allows them to focus on their studies.
  3. Opportunity: Without the bus, many of these girls would be barred from attending school by parents fearful of losing their daughters. The bus opens the door to a formal education which lays the foundation for a lifetime of success and economic empowerment.

“It is such a blessing that we can safely commute to school without the threat of getting hurt by a crazy person who thinks that girls have no right to become educated.” –Nadia (11th grade)

IMG_20150204_095204Watch the video to learn more about the Zabuli Education Center and how the education of girls in Afghanistan is creating bright futures for these brave girls who risk their lives for the chance to learn!

You can help the Zabuli Education Center maintain their bus program by contributing to its ongoing expenses: a driver, fuel, and maintenance. Donate today and help this important program continue to help young Afghan women reach their full potential.

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