Nonprofit Helps Homeless Students Have A Chance At A Brighter Future

Sadly, for many students, the food they are given at school is the only food they get to eat each day.

As the school year comes to an end, summers can be challenging for the families of these kids who rely on food at school.

Many organizations are here to help make sure that no child is hungry, even when the school year is over.

Project 150 is one of those organizations, and their services don’t end just because school does.

The nonprofit, which is located in Las Vegas, provides so much more than just food to these kids. They also provide clothes and hygiene products across the valley, Monday through Friday.

They also have fresh bags with produce and dairy, as well as meat, pizza, and vegetables.

To get assistance, all kids need to do is show their student ID.

Project 150 goes through nearly 400 bags of food each week and will be having a back-to-school shopping event at the end of July.

Project 150 was founded in December 2011, after they learned of the overwhelming number of homeless teens that were in the Clark County School District.

Their local news channel had a report about 150 homeless students who attended the local high school, and thousands more in schools all across Las Vegas.

“We reached out to the Rancho High School’s homeless advocate, who has been providing help to homeless students and their families on a daily basis,” Project 150 wrote on their website. “After seeing up close and personal the needs of our youth, it was clear that this was a bigger issue than just a few people could handle.”

With help and support from friends, business associates and community leaders, Project 150 has grown and has been able to focus on these homeless students on a year-round basis.

Their mission is to help these kids long enough so that they could stay in school through graduation and build a successful future.

Click here to visit their website, and learn more in the video below:

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