Reba McEntire is Calling You to Action: “Pray for Peace”

In the midst of the conflicts sprouting up around the world, country music superstar Reba McEntire asks us to pray for something greater than victory. Her new hit song, “Pray for Peace,” calls on humanity to reach for a greater wisdom, fellowship, and love for one another — no matter the background or creed.

Heed Reba’s call for peace, and help spread peace throughout the world by giving to those who need it most.

The people of Afghanistan, still recovering from the nearly ten-year Soviet-Afghan War followed by several years of Taliban rule, need your help in returning their disparaged, war-torn country to the thriving cultural and educational hub it once was.

Help Educate Girls for a Peaceful World by giving the school-aged girls of Afghanistan (who in 1996 the Taliban forbade from receiving an education) the essential tools they need to learn and grow in a peaceful, propitious world.

Check out the video below and watch Reba’s incredible message.

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