Chris Pratt Is Announcing The Winners Of The #FeedThyNeighbor Contest In An NYE Instagram Live Telethon

Millions of Americans have been left unemployed, homeless and close to losing hope this year. The COVID pandemic has taken away their means of supporting themselves and their families.

An estimated 1 in 4 children are now wondering when they will eat next, and food banks are struggling to keep up with the increase in demand for their services.

Children should not have to face a new year with fear in their hearts and empty stomachs. They are our neighbors, and they need our help.

1 in 4 kids are unsure of where their next meal will come from in America.
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1 in 4 kids in the U.S. are unsure of where their next meal will come from.

This year, GreaterGood, Greater Good Charities, The Hunger Site and 12 Tomatoes are partnering with Chris Pratt on the Feed Thy Neighbor campaign to bring help where it’s needed it most.

Chris Pratt is joining us in making a difference by helping feed hungry families.

Chris Pratt has pledged to match every donation up to our $100,000 goal to support hunger relief. 100% of your donation will help fund meals through Feeding America and as cash grants directly to front-line hunger relief.

Everyone who donates will be supporting food banks and hungry people, and Pratt is making sure that the world knows about the effort. Pratt has enlisted the help of Jurassic World: Dominion costar Sam Neill in helping raise awareness and raise support for those living in food insecurity.

“I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season,” Neill said in a video posted on Christmas Eve. “You’re eating well, you’re with the people you love, and you’re also remembering those that may not necessarily be having such a great day. Chris Pratt, I just heard from him, he reminds me that in America of all places, one in every four children doesn’t necessarily know where their next meal is coming from. It’s an incredible thought.”

“If your family has relied on the support of a food bank this year, please know you’re not alone. If you’ve ever assisted a family in need, you know there’s no greater feeling. Tis the season,” Pratt tweeted, along with a link to the Feed Thy Neighbor page.

Donations to the #FeedThyNeighbor campaign will help food banks around the country.
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Donations to the #FeedThyNeighbor campaign will help food banks around the country.

“Due to Covid-19 and these damn nationwide shut downs, people aren’t working. 1 in 4 American Children may not know where their next meal is coming from. 25% of our kids!!! Let that sink in,” Pratt posted to Instagram. “The need is real. People are in pain.”

“This is all leading up to a big ol star studded New Years Eve Instagramathon. Celebrity guests and entertainment. Let’s do something good damnit!” he added.

Pratt explained a bit more about the project in an interview with Liz Baker, CEO of Greater Good Charities, Pratt talked about the distinction between food pantries and food banks and how non-profits can help provide support to the hungry.

The winners of a contest to virtually meet with Pratt will be announced in the New Year’s Eve Instagram Live telethon. Further, each winner’s local food bank will be receiving a $10,000 donation in their name.

Join us and Chris Pratt on New Year’s Eve in the Instagram Live telethon, and in the meantime help us #feedthyneighbor by funding food banks and hunger-relief organizations.

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