As Recovery Efforts in Nepal Continue, Stories Shock and Inspire

On April 25, Nepal was rocked by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake which leveled homes and historic sites. The number of reported dead continues to rise as aid makes its way to people across the impacted region.

The situation for many people is dire. Many who survived the initial quake have no homes to return to. People are sleeping in their streets or their cars if they are lucky enough to have one.

The needs for even life’s most basic resources is overwhelming. Millions require shelter, food, medicine, power, and clean water, and that’s just the start.

For years, GreaterGood has supported Nepalese artisans and we have development deep friendships with many of them. When we learned of the devastating earthquake, we rushed to make contact with our friends to make sure they were all right. The first-hand accounts we’ve received have been both heartbreaking and hopeful:

Here are their stories and reports:

At first, the reports were focused on what was most important: the people.

Rescue efforts also focused on digging people out of rubble and getting medical attention to those who required it.

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As the initial shock wore off, however, the massive scale of the destruction became increasingly apparent. Many irreplaceable cultural heritage sites were damaged or leveled in the quake.

The slow trickle of aid to difficult-to-reach locations has made it hard to get a complete understanding of the devastation. Even at the time of this article’s publication, the reported number of those killed in the earthquake continues to rise, but so do the number of those saved from the rubble.



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Nepal is a poor country and has few resources to cope with a disaster of this magnitude. They are desperate for even the most basic forms of aid: food, water, and shelter are at a premium. Complicating matters is the approach of the rainy season which brings an increased risk of mudslides, landslides, and flooding. It’s a race against time to get the many thousands of homeless people in safe housing before the seasonal monsoons.

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