This Single Mother’s Fight Against Poverty to Raise Her Twins Will Shock You

More than fifty years ago, when President Johnson declared a “War on Poverty,” the majority of the nation's poor lived in inner-city and rural areas. Today, it's becoming increasingly based in the suburbs where it's more difficult to access social services that are usually based in urban areas.

Listen to what poverty in America looks like for Leigh Scozzari, a single mom in upstate New York through this informative video by PBS Newshour. Scozzari earns only $19,000 a year from a job as a certified medical assistant which offers no benefits. She receives no help from her daughter's father and depends on Medicaid, food stamps, and a government subsidy for child care. She lives in her mothers house and pays rent. Her car has over 200,000 miles on it and is in poor condition.

But Scozzari still finds time to bake cookies with her daughters and to be fully involved with their lives. In the face of such overwhelming hunger and financial hardship, her dedication to her twin daughters' welfare makes her an inspiration to us and a testament to the positive impact a caring mother can have on every child, even those growing up with less.

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