MercyCorps: Focusing on the Children of Syria

GreaterGood charity partner MercyCorps is on the ground and working in the refugee camps that have sprung up as Syrians fled their homes seeking safety and security. One of the top priorities for MercyCorps is to focus on the children to ensure their development is not forgotten. The psychological health of refugee children is at the forefront of this program, as it is the cornerstone of the ability of the next few generations to move forward and prosper.These children have seen and experienced things that no child should, and it is of utmost importance to make sure they are resilient and develop healthy coping mechanisms. With the help of MercyCorps, Syrian refugee children can have the ability to endure and overcome.

Learn more about the programs and initiatives that MercyCorps is undertaking to make sure the children of Syria are not forgotten.

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