Critically Important Health Clinic Is Potentially Losing All Outside Funding

Recently, the nation of Burma, also known as Myanmar, has been the subject of a lot of controversy. With an unstable government, it has become increasingly difficult for other countries to continue supplying aid for critical health clinics that are largely funded by other countries.

The Mae Tao Clinic serves the Burmese refugee population on the Thai/Burma border. Since 1989, the clinic has worked to ensure that all people from Burma have access to quality and affordable healthcare, education, and protection from human rights abuses.

YouTube/Seongmin Kim
YouTube/Seongmin Kim

The Mae Tao Clinic’s Children’s Development Center (CDC) provides a quality education, safe housing, food, and health care to the children of Burmese refugees in Thailand.

With the inevitable decision to stop funding to this critically important clinic, it will end up taking away the only source of healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Burmese people.

The clinic itself was started by native Burmese people and after it got started, it was continued to be run by Burmese migrants and refugees that were willing to give their time and effort to help local people.

YouTube/Seongmin Kim
YouTube/Seongmin Kim

Over 2,500 children are born at this health clinic every year; the Mae Tao Clinic’s Dry Food Programme (DFP), provides primary nourishment for 3,000 migrant students via rice, tin fish, oil, yellow beans, salt, and sweet powder; and it also provides general health care that helps to save thousands of lives every single year.

But now, without influential foreign government funds, the clinic is on the verge of shutting down completely, which will leave hundreds of thousands of native Burmese people without the incredible clinic that has helped so many.

To learn more about the clinic and what it has done to help so many people over the decades, check out the video below.

After the video, make sure to see the link underneath to see how you can help the Mae Tao clinic.

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