Architects In Los Angeles Create A Colorful Tiny Home Village

It wasn’t all that long ago that bigger was considered better, but these days, downsizing is much more popular. Perhaps that is why we are seeing more and more tiny home communities popping up around the country.

It seems as if there is a new tiny home community that is designed to do more than house the homeless, it is designed to cheer them up.

The Alexandria Park Tiny Home Village was designed by Lehrer Architects, an architecture firm based in Los Angeles.

Photo: YouTube/hopeofthevalley

The tiny home village is found in North Hollywood, where more and more people are dealing with homelessness. According to The Architects Newspaper, this is the second tiny home village designed by that architectural firm working along with the Bureau of Engineering.

There are 103 tiny homes in the Alexandria Park Tiny Home Village, along with some double occupancy units. A number of other communal structures also exist along with outside spaces. It’s a community that can house up to 200 people, all of which come from the homeless population in Los Angeles.

Photo: YouTube/hopeofthevalley

The space that was selected for this project is an unused section of land close to the freeway, known as an “edge space.” Other developers would not have been able to use the land for building traditional structures, so Lehrer Architects decided to use it and adapt the existing area for the tiny home community.

It isn’t just homes that are being provided by the community. Three meals per day will also be available, along with communal restrooms, showers, dining areas, storage areas, and support services.

Photo: YouTube/hopeofthevalley

Inside each unit, you will find a fold-down bed, locks, electrical outlets, heating, and air conditioning. Even though they aren’t meant to be long-term housing, they do provide a safe transition space for people who are trying to get off the streets.

Photo: YouTube/hopeofthevalley

There also is no maximum amount of time that someone can live in the tiny home village. As long as they are in by curfew and abide by the no-alcohol policy, they can stay for as long as it takes to find a better solution.

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