Life on $7.50 an Hour

Safiyyah Cotton, 22, is a single mother raising her son on $7.50 an hour. She’s worked at McDonald’s for a year, without any raises, and brings home around $240 every two weeks. This adds up to around $6,240 per year. She often is scheduled to work a full shift, but gets sent home early if business at the restaurant is slow, taking away income she was counting on receiving.

To make ends meet, Cotton must supplement her income with food stamps. She receives $216/month to feed herself and her son. She avoids fresh fruits and vegetables, because they are too expensive and don’t stay good as long as unhealthier boxed and frozen foods.

“I want my son to not have to struggle the way I struggle,” she says.

The video below addresses the struggles she faces with food, childcare, housing, and healthcare. It’s a distressing glimpse into life on minimum wage, and shows just how much government help is needed to keep low-wage earners afloat, as their big corporation employers see profits grow.

Take a look.

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