Man Adopts Five Siblings At Risk Of Being Separated So They Can Stay Together

The holidays are usually a happy time for people, but for kids in orphanages or foster homes, they can be a painful reminder of the family they don’t have.

Luckily for these five young siblings, they will get to spend the holidays together with their new family after their foster dad adopted them, fearing they would be permanently separated.

When Lamont Thomas, a divorced father, became an empty-nester, he fostered his first kid named Michael Perez in 2001. He eventually adopted Perez, but this was just the beginning of a long journey for Thomas.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Evening News

Thomas went on to foster 30 more kids, all as a single parent. He said it was his mission to make a difference in their lives, and he certainly did that.

Eventually, he retired from fostering and began traveling and fishing, but it turned out that his days of fostering were long from over.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Evening News

Once he heard that there were five young siblings, all under the age of six, who would eventually be permanently split up, he knew he had to help them.

He wanted them to be raised together, so he ended up fostering them and recently permanently adopted all of them so that they would never have to worry about being separated.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Evening News

Thomas did such an incredible job raising Perez, that there is no doubt he will do the same for his new five children.

“I don’t believe that I would be the person that I am today without the morals that he instilled in me and the extended family that I have now,” Perez told CBS News.

Hear more of Thomas’ incredible story in the video below:

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