A Coffee House and GreaterGood Come Together to Empower a Community

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.” ― Idowu Koyenikan

Jhai Coffee House is the world’s first completely philanthropic coffee roaster and cafe, located right where all of their coffee beans are sourced. They believe access to clean water is a fundamental human right, and their mission is to bring 63 schools on the Bolaven Plateau hygiene education and clean water.

The company buys coffee beans from local farmers in the community, in Laos, for 25% above the Fair Trade price.

They give farmers new tools and resources to grow the best possible coffee beans and roast them in-house at Jhai, allowing them to help the people who actually grow their coffee remain a sustainable and, most importantly, profitable community.

In addition to their business with the community, Jhai Coffee helps out by building wells to provide clean water for all the local people. And with these wells, the people are being given something that will both save lives and allow for the community to thrive.


In order to empower the community to be their own change-makers, they require them to invest 15% of the costs towards the first-time access water pumps and 50% towards the water filtration units. They do this in hopes of breaking the cycle of dependency on handouts and create a sense of ownership and pride over the development of the community.

When the people are involved in making the investment decision about putting in a well, they are also involved in the actual construction and are in communication with the contractor who comes to build it. This way, if the well breaks down they know who to get in touch with in order to make repairs.



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