5-Year-Old Donates 500 Stuffed Animals To Kids In Need To ‘Make Them Feel Happy’

Jackson Ptacek may be young but he has a heart of gold and is on a mission to spread joy to kids in need.

The five-year-old from Noblesville, Indiana, has already donated more than 500 stuffed animals to children who are less fortunate.

Photo: YouTube/USA TODAY

Jackson came up with the idea himself and told his mom that he wanted to get stuffed animals to give to kids who need them but don’t have them.

He told her that he wanted kids who felt sad “to be able to get their stuffed animal and feel happy.”

Photo: YouTube/USA TODAY

Jackson’s parents fell in love with his idea and began asking family and friends to donate any unused stuffed toys. They decided to name this kind gesture “Jackson’s January of Joy.”

Soon, Jackson had collected hundreds of stuffed animals for the children, and he began visiting different places in his community to donate them to.

His first stop was the Noblesville Fire Department where he dropped off dozens of plus toys for the first responders to pass out to kids while responding to calls.

“This little hero came up with the idea, helped organize, and even helped carry the boxes of stuffed animals (and cookies) into the station. Thank you Jackson for all of your hard work! The stuffed animals are being distributed to our apparatuses and will be available to comfort children on calls,” the department wrote on Facebook.

Photo: YouTube/USA TODAY

Jackson also donated the toys to Fueled for School, a group that provides lunches for students in need.

Jackson and his parents hope these toys will help spread some happiness.

Photo: YouTube/USA TODAY

“I just think that it’s the time that we are in. Everybody is going through a difficult time,” Jackson’s mom, Abbi, told WKYC. “If there is any way you can bring a smile to people’s faces or bring a little bit of joy, I think that’s the thing to do.”

Hear more of Jackson’s story in the video below:

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