Inside the Ebola Bubble: BuzzFeed Reporter Jina Moore Knew That Breaking the Rules Was Necessary

BuzzFeed reporter Jina Moore was one of the first international journalists to cover the Ebola outbreak that occurred in Liberia this past August. In the video, narrated by Moore herself, you’ll find chilling questions, quirky details, and astute observations.  But, more importantly, you’ll begin to understand just what it’s like to be inside of a bubble in which you are allowed to touch nothing.

Watch the eye-opening video.

Coalitions like Partners In Health(PIH) is working diligently to combat the spread of Ebola in West Africa. PIH and others are working to train health workers, identify sick patients, and deliver quality care. As the epidemic advances, these groups need support to provide comprehensive prevention, care, and treatment.

Your support at this time is crucial.

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