Company Aims To End Food Inequality By Turning Shipping Containers Into Vertical Hydroponic Farms

A company in Denver, Colorado turns shipping containers into controlled-climate vertical hydroponic farms to help provide more options for healthy, fresh produce.

In many cities around the country, people have very little to no access to fresh food at a supermarket.

FarmBox Foods, based in the Denver suburb of Sedalia, wanted to change that and find a solution.

They pride themselves in using nutrients, zero pesticides, and just three to five gallons of water a day.

They say these containers can create two football fields worth of traditional agriculture.

Although vertical farming is typically limited as to how many different foods can be produced, Farmbox Foods has been testing a variety of different produce including carrots, potatoes and radishes. They also grow gourmet mushrooms, leafy greens, culinary herbs, micro greens, peppers, tree saplings and fodder.

The containers are able to survive in any kind of climate, from artic cold to extreme heat. They can be customized with solar panels and other things, depending on the type of climate they are in to optimize use.

In addition to growing their own produce, FarmBox Foods also helps teach other communities and organizations how to sustainably grow locally sourced food year-round.

Their goal is to help end food inequality with their innovative and eco-friendly farms.

Learn more about what they do in the video below, and click here to visit their website and learn more about how you can get a FarmBox Foods farm near you.

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