Homeless Good Samaritans Rewarded Big Time!

checkThere are few things more heartwarming than seeing a do-gooder rewarded for his or her kindness.

Whether it’s crowdfunding from complete strangers, or giant checks from generous celebs, seeing goodness acknowledged is just about as inspiring as it gets.

And when the recipients of those funds are homeless people, lives are changed forever.

Here are 5 incredible stories of the down-and-out offering selfless acts of service, and getting much-deserved — but unexpected — rewards. Makes you feel like the universe really is a good place, doesn’t it?

Diamond Ring

When Billy Ray Harris was mistakenly given a diamond ring along with a fistful of change, he didn’t cash it in. Instead, he saved it, knowing it’s rightful owner was probably missing it. His selfless act inspired people around the world to do something that would change his life forever…

Trashed Wallet

After finding a wallet in the trash belonging to a French tourist, Joel Hartman walked from hotel to hotel to find its owner. After locating the hotel at which she was registered, Hartman gave a fake name before handing the wallet over. But his good deed didn’t go unacknowledged. Staff initiated an extensive search to locate him, and when they did, rewarded him generously…


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