The Shocking Link Between Brain Injury & Homelessness

A recent study has found a compelling link between homelessness and brain injury. The study, conducted by St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, surveyed 111 homeless men recruited from a shelter and found that 45 percent of them have suffered from a traumatic brain injury, with 87 percent of those injuries occurring before they became homeless. This connection is extra startling when you consider that only 12 percent of the general population has suffered from traumatic brain injuries.

The most common causes in those who sustained brain injuries as a child or teen (70 percent of the cases) are sports or recreation injuries and alcohol/drug abuse, while those who were over 40 years old most often received their brain injury due to assault. The researchers are quick to say that those suffering a brain injury aren’t automatically destined for homelessness, but that the link is strong enough to warrant caretakers to keep a closer eye on boys who receive a traumatic brain injury in their youths.

Watch the video below to learn more about the link between traumatic brain injury and homelessness.

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