High School Grocery Store Accepts ‘Good Deeds’ Instead Of Cash

There are plenty of valuable lessons to be learned in this life, and the Linda Tutt High School is doing its best to try and teach its students a very valuable lesson in compassion.

The Texas-based high school has opened a grocery store which is entirely run and operated by its students. But rather than taking money from those who come in, the high school is encouraging its students to run the entire store solely on good deeds.

The grocery store has been open throughout the pandemic in order to help provide students, staff, and other families essential food items. As explained to Fox 5 News by the principal, Anthony Love, the program, which is solely based on good deeds, was started in order to “empower” the school’s students, many of whom are from “low socioeconomic families that need just a little extra support with food.”

The principal was approached by some of the local non-profits in the area to inquire if he’d like to team up in order to help get the store up and running. And there were several, including First Refuge Ministries, Albertsons grocery store, and Texas Health Resources, who joined in to lend a hand.

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In fact, the executive director of First Refuge Ministries, Paul Juarez, as well as Dr. Ann Hughes, the director of student intervention for Sanger Independent School District, both pitched the idea to the school’s principal.

As Love said to Fox 5, when they brought him the idea, they presented it as a grant through Texas Health Resources that would get the school set up with a grocery store within it. Love was more than happy to see it go ahead, as it meant that this was one way for the community to fight against the food disparity that exists within the US. As NPR has previously reported, the United Nations World Food Program has shown that the number of people living within the US who are facing food insecurities has doubled – it has gone from 135 million in 2019 and risen up to 265 million in 2020. Opening up the store is one way for the community to do their part against such insecurities.

Besides good deeds, the store also takes into account the number of family members involved in order to portion out stock. The school’s grocery store is available to those who live in the school district. Their opening hours are Monday through Wednesday, as well as Fridays when the school then partners with the BackPack program, an organization with the intent of keeping students fed throughout the weekend.

As Love explained to Fox 5, this means that the school is able to provide extra food and supplies to those families who may need assistance during the weekend.

Love also stated, “I think the most exciting part of it is just teaching our kids job skills that they can carry with them as they graduate high school and move on into the world. Students are really the key piece to it.”

And that is absolutely wonderful to see.

What do you think about the school’s program? Should more schools implement something similar? Let us know!

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