“Give The Shirt Off Your Back.” Literally.

When we say “Give the shirt off you back,” it’s typically referring to a generous act and not necessarily a literal translation. but sometimes the generous act is actually giving someone the shirt off your back!

In the video below, a man on the NY subway gives a fellow rider the actual shirt off his very own back. He notices the shirtless man a few seats away from him, takes off his shirt, leaving just an undershirt beneath it, and attempts to hand it to the man.

However, the homeless man does not take the shirt right away. Instead, he puts his arms out slightly as if to put them into the sleeves of the shirt the generous man is holding. His reaction will restore your faith in humanity!

After giving the homeless gentleman his shirt, the man returns to his seat to fetch a hat and some other items to give away as well. As it turns out, giving someone the shirt off your back (literally) might mean giving away a whole outfit, not just a shirt!

Great job, man on subway! This kind of generosity should be shared!

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