Don’t Support Big Box Stores! These Handmade Ornaments Support Livelihoods Worldwide

32392-horzIt’s inevitable — each time we dig out the holiday ornaments, there are a few casualties at the bottom of the box.

This year, don't replace your broken decorations with forgettable, store-bought trinkets. Why not use this opportunity to make an impact with your purchase?

You can hang beautiful, handcrafted and fairly traded ornaments on your tree, all while supporting livelihoods of families in developing nations. At The Hunger Site Store, each producer we work with offers stable employment and fair working wages to their artisans.

Plus (as always), when you shop GreaterGood, a portion of your purchase goes directly to charity. Find your perfect handmade ornament below.

ornament_32392Afghan Hand-Carved Hardwood Ornaments
The Nuristani woodworking tradition of northeastern Afghanistan employs the simplest of materials: high quality walnut wood and the experienced hands of master craftsmen. No screws and nails are ever used, even when a piece contains dozens of separate elements. Made at a school dedicated to preserving traditional crafts, each ornament is signed by the artisan and comes with a gold organza ribbon for hanging.
Handwoven Love from Guatemala
These heart-shaped ornaments from Guatemala are handmade by women artisans using handwoven fabric and glass bead accents. They make beautiful gift toppers or colorful holiday ornaments and the artisans enjoy fair wages and long-term partnerships with their employers.
Ceramic Treasures from the Andes
Designed by renowned pottery artist Pablo Vilechez, these ceramic treasures are handmade in the Andes Mountains of Peru. The traditional Chulucanas style has been passed down through generations and uses natural glazes and kiln-firing with leaves from the mango tree. Each is handmade, signed by the artist, and fair-trade imported from Peru.
A Work of Heart from Uganda
A true work of the heart, these African ornaments are made by seamstresses whose talent has lifted them from a life of poverty. The opportunity to create handicrafts has enabled these artisans to earn fair wages and enjoy healthy and safe working conditions. These precious embellishments for your tree are 100% cotton, handmade, and fairly traded from Uganda.

*BONUS: This product gives a free donation! Enter code 1MANGOTREE before checkout to plant a fruit tree in Africa at no additional cost!
A Mother's Love from Haiti
Celebrate the precious maternal bond with this Mother and Daughter Dancing Ornament, handcrafted by Haitian artisans. Shaped and hammered from cleaned and re-purposed steel oil drums, this work of art is a cultural icon and a gift to the environment.
A Star to Save Animals in Kenya
In the harsh, arid lands of Northern Kenya, the nomadic people share their lands with elephants, lions, and many other rare species. Sharing resources can cause conflict, and the Northern Rangelands Trust is a non-profit dedicated to educating locals to understand, benefit from, and conserve the environment. How? Through a sustainable, Fair Trade enterprise producing hand-beaded gifts — like this beautiful star ornament.

See even more handmade and Fair Trade holiday decorations at The Hunger Site Store.

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