A Global Water Crisis Is Not On Its Way; It’s Already Here

Let's start with a brief list:

  • Declining rainfall
  • Agricultural over-exploitation
  • Freshwater reserves are running low
  • Illegal wells are damaging the ecosystem
  • Poor water management
  • Extreme drought
  • Economic downfall
  • Lush lands could turn into barren deserts

Doesn't sound too far off from the storyline and setting of an apocalyptic film, does it? Apocalypse is definitely too strong of a word here, but planet earth is currently facing a water crisis. Yes, currently.

“There is no life without water.”

As the video explains, it isn't just happening in what we think of as remote, sparsely-populated pockets of the globe. No, we're talking about India. We're talking about China, Spain, and the United States of America.  Look no further than California Gov. Jerry Brown's recent urging of his citizens to cut their water usage by 25%. He, according to the Los Angeles Times, went on to say about the drought California has been facing:

“We're standing on dry grass. We should be standing on five feet of snow.”

This is just one example. And, while it may be difficult to fathom, it's time that we face the facts: a water crisis is happening, and it's up to us to do something about it.


China, India, Spain, the United States of America — those are four nations typically thought of as having power, and resources. But, as you saw in the video, those same four are currently struggling to supply their people with clean, drinkable water. We have an opportunity to begin fixing this problem now, and we can start in Bangladesh.

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