Girls’ Voices Scholarship Contest

On the last page, you saw Eunice’s story, “The Second Chance,” which was submitted in the Courage category because of her display of a beautiful fighting spirit working toward a brighter future. On this page, you’ll hear two more stories by girls competing in the Creativity and Changemaker categories of the Girls’ Voices for Change competition. Be sure to check out all the videos and photographs here and vote every day through November 9th!

Photo: Christy, 17, from Peru
Category: Courage
“I have a daughter, but this doesn’t make me feel that I can’t achieve what I want to. She gives me the strength and the pride to demonstrate all that I’m capable of.”

For Creativity, this video is by 19-year-old Ingrid, who wishes to become a fashion designer. She is from Cameroon and spends much of her time outside of school studying and drawing new fashion designs.

And for Changemaker, this story, entitled “Behind the Mask,” is by 15-year-old Sol Cascante from Costa Rica. Sol made the choice not to include any words in her piece, but she tells a poignant tale about sexual harassment using only imagery and music.

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On the judges’ panel this year will be Laura Ling, Ashley Bell, Rebeccah Dharmapalan, Victoria Moroles, and Fernanda Echavarri. You can learn more about these inspirational ladies and what they bring to the table here.

Photo: Esraa, 21, from Jordan
Category: Changemaker
“Searching for a better life …”

On top of the category criteria, judges will also be looking for authenticity of voice, creative expression, intentional storytelling and imagery, and relevance to key themes in girls’ education and empowerment globally. For the full set of rules for this contest, please click here.

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Photo: Rama, 16, Jordan
Category: Creativity
“People of memory are still there as long as we remember them, but when we forget them they die.”

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