Girls’ Voices Scholarship Contest

Girls’ Voices is a program focused on engaging girls everywhere to use digital media to ignite their strength, creativity, resilience, and leadership skills. Using their newfound photography and videography skills, these girls are empowered to speak up for themselves and raise funds for their education. By sharing their stories and going to school, they’re working toward a brighter future, one that will mean financial stability for their families.

Girls’ Voices started with nine girls in Guatemala in 2016. Now the program is encouraging girls in various parts of the globe—such as Haiti, Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, and the U.S.—to tell their powerful stories and use education to change their own lives and the lives of others.

Photo: Rina, 19, from Kosovo
Category: Changemaker
“To make my community better, first I need to inform people about the things that are bad so we can make changes together.”

This year, Girls’ Voices is holding a Girls’ Voices for Change Contest for young photographers and videographers. The girl with the most votes on her video in each category will win $1000 toward her scholarship fund. The girl with the most votes for her photography in each category will win $300 toward her scholarship fund.

You can help these girls reach their goals by voting for your favorites. You can vote for one girl in each of the three video categories and one girl in each of the three photography categories each day. That’s a total of six votes per day. Six times a day you can make a difference in a young girl’s life. Please vote!

Photo: Karoli, 16, from Peru
Category: Courage
“My mother made me these earrings. This is our traditional Shipibo dress, from the jungle. It is our origins, our culture. This is me.”

The categories for this contest are Courage, Creativity, and Changemaker. Girls who have entered their photographs or videos in the Courage section hope to demonstrate their “fighting spirit in the face of uncertainty and adversity.” Those who have entered the Creativity category hope to show us “the world from their eyes.” And those in the Changemaker category hope to win you over by talking about a community issue they care about and suggesting a solution.

Help these girls reach their beautifully ambitious goals by voting for your six favorites every day from October 22nd until November 9th. The competition ends at 11:59 PST on the 9th, after which the winners will be announced and given their prizes!

Here are just a few of the submissions that might touch your heart and inspire you. All of these girls are so different and so inspirational!

For the Courage category, this video is called “The Second Chance,” by 18-year-old Eunice Karatu from Kenya. Eunice got pregnant young, and that life-changing event helped her value her education and work harder to complete it.

Eunice is not alone in her courageous fight for a better life. There are so many unique and creative young ladies participating in this project, and each of them has a beautiful and different way of telling her story. Check them all out here and vote for your favorites every day between now and November 9th.

Check out two more inspirational videos by teenage girls competing in the Girls’ Voices for Change contest by clicking “next” below.

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