Girls Education in Afghanistan

Girls everywhere often face challenges that are unique to their biological sex. In many countries, women do not have the same access to education, jobs, and other important resources.

Girls in Afghanistan face unique challenges and barriers to their education that boys do not face. Sadly, this is not a new problem, and it happens to girls in a lot more than just this one country.

This video features the story of Nafizam, a young woman determined to get an education and improve her life’s prospects. Watch and learn more about her struggle.

Right now, GreaterGood and the Literacy Site are partnering together to make a big difference in the lives of Afghan girls at the Mirwais Mena School. We are committed to ensuring these girls stay in school and remain safe from extremist attacks. There are two buses available for purchase, and with your help, we can buy them for Mirwais Mena School.

Learn more about the program and donate to the cause.

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