John Oliver Tackles Food Waste… Prepare To Be Appalled By Humanity

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, as much as one-third, or about 33% of all food on the planet is either wasted or spoils before it can be consumed. That’s a lot of squandered food for a planet that lets fourteen percent of its population, nearly one billion people, go hungry each day.

And food waste, like world hunger, is on the rise.

John Oliver recently did an exposé on HBO’s Last Week Tonight, outlining the role the United States plays in this excess of frittered food (the video is over seventeen minutes long, but J.O. makes every second count):

So, are you ready to never waste a bit of food again?

You can support projects that combat food waste by participating in causes like The Real Junk Food  Project, which hopes to completely change the food industry, or by taking individual action and signing a petition to keep good food out of the trash.

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