Check Out These Top Five Last Minute Gifts!

If you’re looking for a few last minute surprises for loved ones this year, you can’t go wrong with this list of The Hunger Site’s best selling products. In addition to getting a great gift, each purchase gives cups of food to hungry people in the US and abroad. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

There’s something here for everyone, so go ahead and make the season bright as we count down to our favorite item in the Hunger Site Store!

5. Just Believe Dragonfly Car Charm

Just Believe Dragonfly Car Charm

Tell negativity to “bug off” with the shimmering affirmation of our dragonfly car charm, imprinted with the powerful reminder to “Just Believe.”

4. Mini Worry No More Dog Dolls

38145Let your worries dissolve away as you sleep soundly — whether you’re in bed or curled up on a rug in front of the fireplace — with this set of our traditional Guatemalan “worry dolls,” made in the image of the beloved canine. A lovely way to help ease a troubled mind.

According to the Mayan people of Guatemala, dogs with night vision help guide the souls of people on their journey to the underworld. The Maya also traditionally share their worries with the worry people, placing worry dolls under their pillows at bedtime. During the night the worry people whisk all their cares away. Try it and you’ll wake up carefree – all your worries gone!

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