Little Girl Starts Her Own Foundation To Feed Homeless People

What was your dream when you were 6 years old? Many of us thought about what we were going to be when we grew up, perhaps a fireman or maybe we would follow in the footsteps of our father. For a young girl named Paris Williams, however, she had a mission in life.

Paris wanted nothing more than to help people who are less fortunate than she is. Rather than just feeling that she wanted to do something, however, she actually was able to do it. She started Paris Cares, a nonprofit organization that is feeding homeless people in her area.

According to FOX 2 News, Alicia Marshall, Paris’ mom, says her daughter was inspired after they would read her “One Boys Magic,” a book about a young boy who would feed the homeless with his powers.

“She was reading books at school about giving and she came home one day, and she was like, ‘I want to give back to the homeless. What can we do to help the homeless?’ Marshall told KTVI FOX 2 News. “We kind of brainstormed some ideas and we came up making care packages.”

“I wanted to give something to the homeless,” Paris explained, “like the boy in the book.”

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Even though Paris didn’t have a magic wand, she worked up a little magic of her own. She enlisted the help of her parents and took a practical approach by assembling and delivering over 500 care packages with food and other essential items. These items went to the homeless living in St. Louis. She also helped about 250 essential workers by providing meals.

It wasn’t enough for Paris just to donate some food, she also wanted to get to know those that she was helping. After filling the boxes, she would include a personal message or a hand-drawn picture to make a connection with those she was helping.

“It makes me really proud because with everything that’s going on in the world this small child who is entering first grade has such a big heart,” Marshall said to FOX 2 News. “She wants to give. She wants to help others.”

Some people may have a dream in life but it quickly fades as they begin living from one day to the next. Paris has accomplished something that people ten times her age have not been able to accomplish. She is looking forward to helping the homeless in the upcoming holiday season as well.

If that weren’t enough, Paris is also helping to inspire people to do good things. If you are inspired to help her, you can make donations to the Paris Cares Foundation or purchase some of her gear from her Bonfire account.

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