Finnish Grocery Store Has “Happy Hour” To Help Reduce Food Waste

Something interesting happens at the 900 S-Market grocery stores in Finland if you happen to be there at 9 PM every night. Any meat or fish that is about to expire will be offered at a discount. The purveyor refers to it as a ‘happy hour’ and for anyone who is trying to save money, it certainly is a happy time. Along with offering those discounts to customers, there is another purpose behind the happy hour. It helps the store reduce waste and limits its carbon footprint.

The S-Market has been working on limiting their food waste for two years and it seems as if everybody comes away a winner with the happy hour. The discount on the food offered during that time can be up to 60% and the grocer isn’t responsible for paying a disposal fee on those unwanted items. The exchange keeps food out of landfills, reducing the production of methane from rotting food.

Photo: Pexels / Meghan Riley

There are many things we can do to be more environmentally conscious with our lifestyle and reducing food waste is a good place to start. According to a UN report, one-third of all food produced and packaged to be eaten by humans never gets consumed. In other words, 1.3 million tons per year of food worth almost $680 billion.

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If you don’t have access to the happy hour offered at these markets, you can take steps to reduce your food waste. Consider any food you have that might expire soon and try to purchase only what you need. It takes a few minutes of your time to consider these things but it will save you money and will save the environment a lot of strain.

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