Homeless Woman Fights Social Security for $100,000 Owed to Her

Eighty-year-old Wanda Witter has spent the last 10 years trying to prove that she’s not crazy. In 2006, she decided to collect on her Social Security benefits, but something wasn’t right. The checks ranged in amounts between $300 and $900, so Witter refused to cash them until they could figure out what was wrong. Soon after, she was living in a Washington D.C. shelter, homeless after she was unable to find work after moving to town to be a paralegal.

Witter decided to resume getting the Social Security checks, but without a fixed address, she couldn’t receive them. Many were returned as undeliverable, and eventually they stopped sending them altogether. Witter kept a suitcase full of documents proving that she was owed money. She tried constantly to get people around her to listen, but many dismissed her as delusional and paranoid, sending her to mental counselors.

Eventually, someone listened. Julie Turner, a social worker assigned to Witter, looked through her suitcase of documents and saw that yes, Witter was right all along. With help from lawyers, Witter received her retroactive Social Security benefits, which had grown to a life-changing $100,000.

Watch the video below to see Wanda Witter’s amazing story, and how the money has changed her life!

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